Top Five Reasons Sundays are Better

Sunday morning I woke up, yawned, rolled over, leapt out of bed and ran down the hall. I practically inhaled my breakfast and ran to the back door of the house to go outdoors to do some business.  

(Oh. Okay. I guess I should point out that Mom is super busy with homework and starting her new company, so I agreed to do her blog for a week or so. And in case you don’t know who I am, I am Fagan. Puggle extraordinaire living in downtown Brighton with my brother, Cooper (also of puggle heritage), my sister Laverne (a cat) and my parents. So anyway, back to my story.)

As I cavorted around our GINORMOUS backyard with Cooper, I thought a lot about how much I like Sundays.  And how much better they are than Mondays.  After coming back in the house and getting a treat and drinking some water and taking a nap, I thought about it even more and came up with five pretty solid reasons Sundays are better.  

1.  No loud buzzy noises first thing in the morning.  I mean, really.  What are those awful noises Dad sets to go off most mornings, waking the entire house and interrupting some awfully good puggle dreams. Like one day last week, I was dreaming of running through the green grass (that stuff I haven’t seen in months ‘cause it’s covered with snow) and rolling around in the sunshine and BAM! That loud buzzy thing next to the bed starts making its racket and then everyone has to get up. Don’t like it and Sundays it doesn’t ever seem to work. So I like Sundays. 

2.  More snuggles. Everyone seems to have a lot more time to relinquish a lap and let me take advantage of some good snuggle time. I really like to hang out with my peoples, and it seems like they are awfully busy with other stuff on other days and snuggle time is pretty limited. But on Sundays? They get a big mug of that stuff they drink every morning and they sit back down. Which allows a puggle and her brother to take advantage of some serious lap time. Good stuff.  

3.  Play time in the yard. Whether it is winter and Dad is out there with the loud, snow blowy toy that he likes to push around the yard, or it's summer and Mom is planting pretty, smell good things for Cooper to pee on (that is why she plants them, right?), the weekends mean some serious play time in our awesome yard.  We get to run up and down the fence, and roll around in the sunshine, and play ball for hours.  Sometimes the neighbors will stop by and that gives Cooper the chance to really stretch his vocal chords.  He’s a super good barker!  I try to be a super good barker too but I usually lose interest after someone starts petting me, but not Cooper!  He commits to the bark!

4.  Mom makes super yummy treats for us in the big box with a door in the kitchen.  Today I heard her making some noise in the kitchen and came out to investigate.... What did I find?  Mom was making some of those AMAZING cheesy treats that I love so much!  She says that they take me on a flavor joyride to the intersection of Cheddar and Parmesan.  I just think they taste fantastic; they are my favorite right after the Michigan Cherry Berry Bites.  And apparently, once school is over in a few weeks, she’ll be making treats a lot more often.  

5.  Family field trips.  Dad is gone a lot during the week, so on the weekends, he likes to take us lots of places.  Sometimes we go on super duper long walks and he lets us smell just about everything.  Other times we all get in the car (except Laverne, she’s old and cranky and doesn’t like cars at ALL) and we go to the best places!  Like Kensington MetroPark, or Island Lake Recreation Area, or the dog park, or PetSmart, or Starbucks, or some other magical place where the people are super smart and like dogs!  It’s super amazeballs  and we all get to hang out!  Dad wanted to take us to see Frozen this week, but Mom told him about some crazy rule that theaters don’t let people bring dogs with them (that’s crazy, in my puggle opinion, by the way!!!), so Dad said we’ll have to wait until summer and go see a movie at the drive in.  GO DAD!  Can’t wait!  By the way, if you haven’t seen Frozen, Mom has been playing the song “In Summer” a lot and I have included here for your listening pleasure:

So what is your favorite day?  Is it Sunday too?  

Pugs and kisses, 

Fagan Marie