February adventures with dogs

When it’s bitterly cold and dark outside by the time we get home for work, it’s very tempting to snuggle up on the couch for the evening.  But our dogs are starting to get cabin fever from being inside so much.  What can we do to give our dogs something to do without any of us getting frostbite?  

If your dog is good in cars, there are tons of places that our puggles like to visit!  The Starbucks in Brighton gives the furry kids that come through their drive thru window a lid with whipped cream in it!  Many banks and fast food restaurants also keep treats for the dogs that visit their drive thru windows.  So take your fur kids on errands with you!

Fagan & Cooper enjoying a road trip
PetSmart is a great place to take your dog and they are always welcome!  They can try on a new collar or coat, check out the treat section, and sniff all the toys and dog butts they can find.  PetSmart also has some great training classes for dogs of all ages and training levels.  And of course, on their way out of the store, they are always offered a treat. 

There are facilities that offer dog agility classes and swimming classes, and these have the double benefit of exercise and socialization at the same time.  Check around your area... you may be surprised to find the activities offered for dogs!

Dogs - particularly larger dogs - absolutely love the snow and playing fetch can last longer than the pet parent wants to be outside!  Our yard can become quite the place to be once we start throwing balls (or snowballs with a treat stuck inside).  

During a walk during a somewhat warmer day, there are tons of places that the puggles are welcomed!  As I’ve mentioned before, Two Brothers Coffee on Main Street welcomes dogs inside for a treat while their owners warm up with a latte or cappuccino.  Because Cooper was an abused rescue before he came to live with us, going downtown and getting him acclimated to being around people was crucial and he has made so much progress since we moved here.  Dogs are social animals and the more you can have them be around other people and dogs, particularly when they are young, the more they will benefit.  

Of course, there isn’t anything much better than snuggling with a furry lap warmer when it’s cold outside, but remember - our dogs love (and need) to get out for an adventure whenever possible!