Cooper: Our "Tail" of Successful Pet Adoption

With this weekend being the PetSmart National Adoption Weekend, it got me thinking about all the animals sitting in shelters and rescue organizations, waiting for a family to come find them and take them home.  

We had Fagan since she was a puppy, and about six months later I saw Cooper on a rescue site.  He was in Ohio (not far from where we had driven to get Fagan) so I reached out via email to the rescue.  I didn’t hear back for a couple of days so I sent another email.  Cooper’s foster mom emailed me back that time, but explained that she was hesitant to adopt Cooper out.  Cooper had been abused in his first home, and as a result has some protective aggression issues that had caused some problems in the two adoptive homes he had been in since.  

I took Fagan with me to meet Cooper at a PetSmart in Ohio about four hours from our home, and he was very docile and calm.  We decided we definitely wanted him so they finished the paperwork I had started online and we were soon close to heading home.  Cooper’s foster mom made me promise that if he didn’t work out in our home that I would call her to get him, rather than take him to a shelter.  I promised that we would keep in touch with her, and then we were on our way. 

Cooper has been the best little man and fits in perfectly in our home.  When I occasionally ponder his quirks (overall he still doesn’t like strangers in our home) I have to remind myself that his issues were created by humans, like most behavioral problems that dogs have.  He plays and naps with his puggle sister, and although he and the now eighteen year old cat started out not the best of friends, they apparently now have come to a mutual understanding of the order of things (the cat is in charge).  When we bought  our half acre yard and the house that was attached, Cooper was in heaven patrolling the yard and chasing squirrels and rabbits and the occasional opossum.  We live near a relatively small downtown area now, where we visit stores & coffee shops and the Mill Pond with its duck population, and Cooper has thrived in an environment with so much social interaction.  

So if you are ever thinking about finding an animal to become part of your family, please consider a rescue pet.  You may find a furry soul who is the perfect match for you that really just wants a person or family to love.  They may have an issue or two for you to contend with or work out, but I’m guessing we all have a few of those ourselves...   

Happy Pet Adoption Weekend to you all!