What We Do

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Spencer Street Canine Treats was created by Cooper and Fagan, two enormously talented puggles, who believed great treats should be enjoyed by all dogs.  With the help of their pet parents Paige and Jeff, Cooper and Fagan have created a line of corn, wheat and soy free treats that are good for dogs and really great to eat!  

And in February of 2015, our lil man Mo joined the family!  Mo is a rescue puggle, like his brother, and is acclimating well after a few tough first weeks.  

Our Story

After buying and remodeling our new home on Spencer Street in 2012, it was time to make some life changes. Paige left her job as a regional manager for a property management company and went back to school full time to complete her bachelor's degree in business.  During that time, Spencer Street Canine Treats was born! 
On Spencer Street, we believe that dogs need to eat well, just like their pet parents! We are constantly creating new delicacies for our canine kids, like PB&J's, Good Dog Eggnog Truffles and Gingerbread Mailmen. All the treats are corn, wheat and soy free and made with 100% human grade ingredients. Based in Michigan, we use many locally produced ingredients  - like our dried Michigan cherries & blueberries in the Cherry Berry Mitten Bites. Every treat that comes out of our bakery is sampled and if the puggles & their friends do not approve, the treat does not make our menu!
Starting in the spring of 2014, Spencer Street Canine Treats are now sold at farmers markets, art shows and online. We are excited to bring this new company to your family, because we really believe there is a difference between "dog food" and "fur-kid food." We want you to feel good about the treats you are giving your fur-kids!


Bragging Rights

Fagan & Cooper have graduated from obedience school, spent time at the Canine College in Farmington, traveled extensively throughout Michigan & Ohio, visited Tennessee, walked over 600 miles with their pet parents in 2013,  exceeded that in 2014 and are hiking their way through 2015.  Both Fagan & Cooper were adopted in Ohio and the family lived in West Bloomfield before finding their fur-ever home in Brighton, MI. In early 2015, the family found Nemo to join the family.  Nemo is a seven year old puggle who needed a new home when his original parents became too elderly to care for him.  He loves a lap like no ones business, so if you see him at a show, sit down and he'll make you think you've been friends forever.